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Create the perfect website for your restaurant

The core of your online presence. Offer your customers a powerful website, complete and easy to use. Our solution is flexible and allows anyone to create a website that meet the needs of a restaurant.

Open 7/7

With a website, your restaurant is always open. Present your brand, your services, your menu...


An optimised display no matter the device used. You are accessible everywhere, to everyone !

Progressive Web App

Your website. Made right. Using the PWA technology, your website can be installed as an app by your users.

Demo version.

Looks like you !

Change the colors, the logo, the fonts ... Adapt the standard look and feel to your image!

Entirely configurable

Adapt the way your website works to match your restaurant needs by answering simple questions.

Much more than a simple website...

The features you need


Present your products, their options (size, composition, supplements) ... Allow users to add and/or remove ingredients...


Easily present your menu and keep it updated in a few clicks.


Offer your customers the possibility to place orders directly through your website in a few clicks.


Accept payments directly online. Your customers can now order and pay without your assistance so you can focus on your job.


Do you offer a delivery service ? Offer your customers this option when ordering.

Click & Collect

Offer your customers the option to take-away orders. They order online and pick it up at your store.

Customer space

Your customers can now follow the progress of their orders, check their fidelity points... directly through their customer space on your website !


The system takes care of notifying everyone when something cool's happening.

All of that on...

A solid foundation

Domain name

10€ / year

Connect your Napplok website to an existing domain, or create a new one.

SSL certificate

10€ / year

All data passing through your website is secure.

Local SEO

Your website is optimised to boost your visibility on related search queries.

Data collect

Day after day, grow your customers base. Use that to boost your popularity using the marketing tools !


Offer the possibility to your customers to register and connect to your site in one click via the main networks, such as Facebook, Google ...

Groups & Permissions

Assign groups and give them permissions to give your staff restricted access to your tools.


Keep an eye on your website traffic using Google Analytics.


Google find that your website is performing well, very well !

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Connected to...

Your management interface

Easily find and look at your customers data, orders... Update your opening hours, receive notifications and instant updates... Your management interface allows you to manage everything, with ease. Your restaurant, always in your pocket !

Demo version.

Annnnd we are not done...

Your marketing tools

Stay in touch with your customers by launching E-mail and SMS campaigns in a click. Throw a coupon on social networks to offer a discount and bring in new customers...
Still not done...

And much more !


Keep an eye on your orders, customers...

Live Chat

Integrate a Live Chat on your website. Make it easier for your customers to contact you !

Google Maps

Give your customers the direction by showing them the location of your restaurant on Google Maps directly on your website. In one click, they will be guided to your door!


Your website is now constantly updated to receive new features and keep up with the latest trends.

What else ?

We'll let you discover the rest. Missing something ? Do not hesitate to contact us !

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