Add payments by credit card to your restaurant website


Why accept online payments through credit card on my website ?

Accepting online payments on the website of your restaurant allows your customer to order, and pay, on their own. The result ? Less time spent for you dealing with orders through phone calls, and, a simplified process for everyone.

Several options are available to accept online payments through credit cards on your internet website. You can have us integrate your own bank, or, opt for cheaper solutions such as Paypal and Stripe.

Napplok recommends the use of Stripe. Often, integrating a traditional bank is expensive. Stripe allows you to start accepting online orders and credit card payments on your restaurant website without spending a penny !

Accept online payments through credit card with Stripe

Integrating Stripe to your restaurant website is simple. We'll walk you through the process in just a few steps, so you can start accepting credit card payments as fast as possible.

What will I need ?

  1. A stripe account.
  2. 15 minutes approximately.

Useful links

  1. Stripe website.
  2. Stripe pricing.
  3. Stripe registration page.

Exemple d'intégration de Stripe sur un site internet crée via Napplok.

Exemple d'intégration de Stripe sur un site internet crée via Napplok.

How to create and configure my Stripe account ?

  1. Head over to Stripe registration page.
  2. Fill in all your information and create your account.
  3. When the account has been created, active it.
  4. Once activated, connect to your Stripe account.
  5. Head over to the  DEVELOPERS section of your account panel, then, select API KEYS to create and retrieve your Stripe API keys.
  6. Fill both your private and public key in your Management interface, parameters page, Integrations tab.
  7. We will now configure Stripe to send notifications regarding the transactions progress.
  8. Go back to your Stripe account. Head over the Developers page, then click on Webhooks.
  9. Click on "Add Endpoint".
  10. Enter your Enpoint URL:

    URL d'endpoint.

  11. In the events to send, select the following events :



Your website now accepts online credit card payments !

Congratulations !

Your customers can now pay their orders directly from your restaurant website using their credit card. All transactions are processed and secured by Stripe.

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