How to create the a website for my restaurant ?


Why should I create a website for my restaurant ?

Creating a website for your restaurant gives you many advantages. Increase your online exposure, simplify the order process by accepting online orders and payments, open your visitors appetite by showing off your dishes on pixel perfect photos....

Nowadays, your potential customers are searching for a restaurant nearby using their phone.

A website is a powerful tool to increase your restaurant online presence and can also help with its management.

What are the advantages of a website ?

The advantages of your website will depend on its functionalities. From a simple showcase website to a website working the way your restaurant works, we're going to list you the main advantages of both type of sites. 

Advantages of a simple showcase website :

  1. Become visible online, at any time.
  2. If your website is responsive (optimised for all devices), become accessible from anywhere, to everyone.
  3. If your website is optimised for the SEO, obtain a constant and free publicity.
  4. Showcase your dishes to open your visitors appetite.
  5. Give information about your restaurant opening and closing hours.
  6. Show your restaurant address through Google Maps. In a click, they'll be guided till your door.

Example of a website created with Napplok.

Example of a website created with Napplok.

Advantages of an adaptated website:

Go further with a website adaptated to the way your restaurant works.

  1. Accept online orders.
    1. Spend less time taking orders through the phone.
    2. No more errors. Your customer composes his order on his own, chooses the products that interests him and adapts them to his wishes.
    3. Reach new customers.
  2. Accept online payments.
  3. Automate your loyalty system management.
  4. Improve your communication.
    1. Stay in touch with the customers who already ordered from you.
  5. Give your visitors the possibility to create an account...
    1. Your customers database grows on its own, day after day, order after order...
      1. Easily find your customers information, order history... in a click.
    2. Your customers gets a customer space on the site of your restaurant !
      1. They can re-order with even more ease by re-using previously used information.
      2. They can follow their order and stay up to date of its progress.
      3. They can check their orders history.

Creating your website restaurant

You realised how important creating a website for your restaurant is and decided to it online.

Several options are available:

  1. Web agencies.
  2. General tools for website creation.
  3. Specialized tools for creating restaurant websites.

Web agencies

According to your needs, web agencies will create a website for you. The most decent ones could offer you something correct, but it is unlikely going to be cheap.

How does it works in general ?

  1. They offer you to choose from a range of pre-created themes, then, adjust it to your brand style. They take care of setting it up, often on a software such as Wordpress. Cost: $500 to $1500. Result: A simple showcase website.
  2. They create a theme for you depending on your specifications, then, they take care of setting it up on a software such as Wordpress. Cost: $1500 to $2500. Result: A simple showcase website.
  3. They create for you a theme, and the system behinds your website, so you can, for example, offer your customers a customer space, online orders... Cost: $5000+

Should I go for a web agency ?

Only if you have a big budget and really need something specific that is not available nor implementable on a tool specialized for creating restaurant websites.

Creating a website for a restaurant shouldn't be expensive. Using specialized tools for creating restaurant websites should be the way to go.

General tools for website creation

General tools are tools made available to the public to create websites without any knowledge and skill. You can them as online services (Wix, SquareSpace, 1 & 1 Ionos ...) or as software to install and configure (Wordpress, Joomla ...).

Although very inexpensive, even free, the results are simply not up to par. You will find yourself, after many hours struggling with these systems, with a simple showcase site half optimized in the best of cases. Designing a website worthy of the name requires knowledge and experience.

Would you trust your butcher to treat cavities?

Specialized tools for creating restaurant websites

For a very low cost, obtain a website entirely adaptated to your restaurant needs. These tools gives you an easy to use solution to create the perfect website for your restaurant.

A few of them :

  1. Napplok
  2. RestaJET
  3. RestaurantEngine

Going for a specialized tool is by far the best way to get your restaurant website up and start accepting online orders.

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