Add your restaurant to Google Maps


Why add my restaurant on Google Maps ?

Google is by far the most used search engine in the world. Nowadays, most people use their smartphone when they look for a restaurant near them.

Why not make sure that they find you ?

What will I need ?

  1. A Google account.
  2. A Google My Business account.
  3. 15 minutes approximately.

Useful links

  1. Access Google My Business.

How to add my restaurant to Google Maps ?

  1. Head over to Google My Business.
  2. Click on "Manage my profile", then, click on "Add 
  3. Cliquez sur Gérer mon profil, puis cliquez sur "Add your business to Google".
  4. Enter the name of your restaurant, the category that describes it best (Pizzeria, for example) then click Next.
  5. Google asks you if you wish do add a place where your customers can visit you. Select "Yes", then click "Next".
  6. Enter your restaurant address, then click "Next".
  7. Google then ask if you provide services outside of your restaurant. If you offer a delivery service, click "Yes", then click "Next".
  8. If you selected "Yes" during the previous step, Google asks you to add your delivery zones. Add them, and click "Next".
  9. Finally, enter the phone number of your restaurant, as well as your restaurant website address and click "Next".
  10. Accept, or decline, the latest news and recommandations about your restaurant presence on Google Maps, then click "Next", and, finally, "Finish".

Updating my business page on Google Maps

It is important to keep your business page on Google Maps up to date. Make sure to...:

  1. Enter your working hours.
  2. Add a few photos of your restaurant, your products...
  3. Add a brief description of your restaurant.
  4. Enter the address of your restaurant website.

Your restaurant is now on Google Maps !


People can now find you next time they look for a restaurant, a pizzeria, a fast food... near them.

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