Accept Paypal payments on your restaurant website


Why integrate Paypal to my restaurant website ?

Paypal is, since more than ten years, the reference in online payments. Paypal allows you to securely accept online payments through credit card, easily, without monthly fees.

Accepting payments through Paypal

It is easy to start accepting Paypal payments on a website created with Napplok.

What will I need ?

  1. A Paypal account.
  2. 10 minutes approximately.

Useful links

  1. Paypal website.
  2. Paypal pricing.
  3. Paypal registration page.


What are the steps to integrate Paypal to my website ?

Once your Paypal account is created and activated, you will just have to specify the used e-mail address on Paypal to start accepting Paypal payments !

  1. Create a Paypal account.
  2. Activate your Paypal account.
  3. Enter your Paypal e-mail address (the e-mail used registered to Paypal) in your MANAGEMENT INTERFACE , page PARAMETERS, tab INTEGRATIONS.

Your restaurant now accepts online payments through Paypal !

Congratulations ! You are done with the ingration of Paypal to your restaurant website.

Your customers will now be able to pay using Paypal during Checkout.

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