Add your menu to your restaurant website


Why add my restaurant menu to my website ?

By adding your menu to your website, you allow your users to consult, in detail, the menu of your restaurant.

How do I add my menu to my website ?

You can add your menu, the different categories, the products, images, and options, through your management interface.

Connect to your management interface and head over to the "Menu" page.

How do I add a category ?

When your Napplok website is setup, an example menu is pre-entered. You can use the existing categories, or, delete them and create new ones.

  1. On the top right, click the hamburger, then click "Add a category".
  2. Enter a name, a description, then click "Continue".
  3. You are redirected to the "Menu" page, in the newly created category. You can now add products into it !

How do I add products ?

  1. Head over to your management interface.
  2. On the menu page, click the tab of the category in which you would like to add a product.
  3. On the top right, click "Add a product".
  4. Enter a name, a brief description of the product (often, the product composition), the price, then click "Continue".
  5. You are redirected to the page of the newly added product. You can now add an image, options...

How to add options to a product ?

Adding options to a product allows you to, for example, offer two versions of a same product with different sizes.

Below, we'll be showing you how you can use the options system to adjust it to your needs. By following these examples, you will discover the flexibility of the system, allowing you to configure it with easy no matter your needs.

How do I make a product available in two sizes, regular and large ?

  1. Create a new option, name it "Size".
  2. Add a choice to this option. Name it "Regular".
  3. Add a choice to this option. Name it "Large".

Your product is now available in two "Size", "Regular", and "Large". But, for now, at the same price. Let's fix this up.

How to make the "Large" more expensive than the "Regular":

  1. Click the device symbol next to the "Large" choice.
  2. In "Added value", tell the system how much more should the product cost when choosen with this option choice. We'll use 5€ in this example.

The choice "Large" of the "Size" option is now 5€ more expensive than the "Regular" choice, which has no added value and simply uses the product base price.

How to use the multipe choice options ?

When you enable the multiple selection on an option, the user can then check, or uncheck, the choices available in this option.

With this type of options, you can, for exemple, add an option "Composition", then, add every ingredients present in the product as option choices. The user will then be able to uncheck the ingredients he do not want.

You can also, for example, add an option "Supplements", and, add as option choices ingredients that could be added to the dishe. For each choice, remember to set the added value.

Your menu is now available on your website !

Congratulations ! Your users can now browse your menu directly through your website !

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