Accept online orders on your restaurant website


Why accept online orders on my restaurant ?

Nowadays, the world is connected. People from all ages uses the internet. Your restaurant should be visible everywhere !

Accepting online orders offers many advantages, to you and your customers.

Your customers can order on their own through your restaurant website and are no longer forced to call you to place an order.

They head over to your website, select the products they wish, adjust them to their needs (they choose the size, for example, then remove an ingredient in the base composition, add another as a supplement...)

The result ? You reduce the errors, errors that can happen when taking orders through phone while in a rush, you save time from phone orders, reach new customers, and, order after order, day after day, your customers database grows on its own.

You can then use your customer database to stay in touch with your restaurant customers and improve your restaurant marketing.

How to accept online orders ?

Napplok offers a all in one solution for restaurants, allowing you to accept online orders on your very own website.

You do not have a website yet ? Create the perfect website for restaurants with Napplok !

A customer places an order on your website on his own...

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Head over to your management interface and add your menu if it's not already done.
  2. Parameters page, head over to the Orders & Delivery tab. Answer "Yes" to the question "Accept online orders ?"
  3. In "Orders are processed every...", enter the order processing interval to define the available time slots that will be displayed to the customer when placing an order.
  4. In "Orders are processed till...", enter how long before the current service is closed a customer can order.
  5. If you wish to allow customers to pre-order for the next service, even when your restaurant is closed, answer "Yes" to the question "Accept pre-orders ?"
  6. You can then define if you offer delivery, dine-in, take-off services...

You restaurant now accepts online orders !

Congratulations ! You customers can now order directly through the website of your restaurant.

Next step ? Accept online payments.

With websites created with Napplok, it's easy !

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