Send marketing campaigns to your restaurant customers


Why send marketing campaigns ?

Staying in touch with your existing customers will allow you to grow your website frequentation. Without news from you, they will end up forgetting about your existence.

Napplok gives you the tools you need to create a customers database, day after day, order after order, and the tools you need to efficiently use this database.

Faire de la pub pour votre restaurant dans le but d'atteindre de nouveaux clients est important. Mais rester en contact avec les clients déjà acquis l'est encore plus !

How to send marketing campaigns ?

Sending a marketing campaing only takes a few seconds !

What will I need to send SMS/Email ?

  1. A positive balance on your Napplok wallet is required to send marketing messages.

What are the steps to follow ?

  1. Head over to your management interface.
  2. Head over to the Marketing page. Click the hamburger on the top right, then, click on Send an email (or Send a SMS).
  3. Input the title if you're sending a mail, then, enter the message to send.
  4. Choose the group to send it to (All customers, for exemple), then click Send.

Your marketing campaign has been sent !

Congratulations !

Your marketing campaign will be sent within the next few minutes following your request.

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