Build the perfect restaurant website with Napplok


Why choose Napplok to create your restaurant website ?

Napplok was built to make it easy for anyone to build a perfect website for a restaurant.

Without any skills in programmation, in just an afternoon, build a website that fits your restaurant. Configure the system to your needs and start accepting online orders, payments...

How to build my website with Napplok ?

Creating your website and configuring it to match the needs and style of your restaurant shouldn't take more than an afternoon.

No time ? Our team can take care of setting up everything for you.

Do not hesitate to contact us.

What are the steps to follow ?

  1. Start by setting up our free trial to get started.
  2. Once your free trial has been setup, your Napplok account is created.
  3. Head over to your customer space, then click "Go to my management interface".
  4. In your management interface, head over to the Parameters page.
  5. Start by entering your general information such as your restaurant name, your phone number, your restaurant address through the General tab....
  6. Opening hours tab, enter your opening and closing hours. You can set two time slots per day.
  7. Orders & Delivery tab, tell the system if you wish to accept online orders, if you offer a delivery service...
  8. Payments tab, tell the system if you wish to accept online payments, then setup the various payment methods (cash, credit cards...).
  9. Integrations tab, configure Paypal, Stripe, social networks login, Google Analytics, a Live Chat...
  10. Social networks tab, enter your adresses on social networks.
  11. Notifications tab, tell the system how you wish to be notified when customer places an order, when an order is paid...
  12. You're done adjusting the way your website works to match the way your restaurant works. Time to enter your menu !
  13. Head over to the Menu page and start adding your products. You can add an image, a descriptions, options such as Size, Composition...
  14. Done adding your menu ? The only thing remaining to do to get your restaurant website up and running is to adapt the default providen theme to match your brand style.
  15. Head over to the Appearance page and start adjusting the colors, the fonts, the texts, the logo and the images to match your restaurant brand style.

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